Bright Middle Eastern Horizons
Our Desires
We may be far apart, but our countries are not so different.
We all desire friendship, peace, good people, food, family, understanding, happiness, and prosperity.
Sharing is caring
Between the Middle East and New Zealand there is much we can share. Education and tourism between our countries is a most effective way of doing this, sharing the best of our ways of life, our cultures and helping us understand each other so that our countries can prosper.
Let's get connected
BMEH business is to connect us together.
Our values

New Zealand has a strong, modern education system which teaches students to be world citizens who have knowledge, skills, values and beliefs which will benefit our world and out nations. Let us introduce you to a path of world-class learning in New Zealand in school, institute of technology or university under-graduate or post-graduate.

New Zealand is a welcoming country to many cultures where visitors are treated as friends. We would love to show you our beautiful land, our vibrant cities and our warm hositality. We welcome tourists, families and adventurers!